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Now...did you both answer the questions the same way?  Probably not! But that's okay! Fortunately,  we can find a honeymoon destination that will make the trip special for both of you. Let's get started. Contact us today.  

  • What are your individual hobbies?
  • ​What activities do you enjoy as a couple?
  • ​During the day on your honeymoon, do you expect to:
    • ​Lay on a beach chair
    • Visit historical or cultural sites
    • It's the pool bar for me!
    • Go on a safari
    • Rock climb
    • Get up early
    • Sleep late
    • Shop
  • At night during your honeymoon, do you expect to:
    • ​Go dancing
    • Listen to live music
    • Experience local culture
    • See a movie or attend a show
    • Eat long, leisurely dinners
    • Are you kidding? It's my honeymoon. We're staying in our room!
  • ​​Where is your dream honeymoon location?
    • ​In a historic city like Paris or Rome
    • A favorite location from a movie you saw like Tuscany, Dublin, or Seattle
    • In an iconic city like New York CIty or Las Vegas
    • On a secluded beach
    • At a resort where you can have privacy when you want but still have options for activities
    • On a leisurely sea voyage
    • On a cruise where the party never stops
    • Nestled away in the woods or mountains
    • Somewhere exotic like Tahiti or the Galapagos.​​

Before planning your honeymoon, let's start with a few questions.  You can make it fun by each answering the questions separately and then comparing notes...because your honeymoon is for both of you.

Congratulations! Whether you are planning your honeymoon for directly after your wedding ceremony or some time down the road, you deserve special time together to celebrate your marriage and the rest of your life together. 

Your honeymoon should be as unique as your wedding. But much more personal! While your wedding ceremony may have included details that other important people in your life wanted; your honeymoon is only for the two of you.  Let's make it memorable! 


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