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Safety while traveling is definitely in the news these days. But let’s face it, any business that doesn’t take health and safety seriously doesn’t stay in business long. So, resorts and cruise lines take health and safety very seriously. Most people recognize that the statistics show travel, in general, and cruising is safe with proper precautions and that’s why taking that hard earned vacation on land or sea is more popular than ever.

Health & Safety


Many cruise lines and other vacation destinations prohibit women who are in or will enter their third trimester of pregnancy (27th week) during the trip from traveling. Please call us to discuss various alternatives that may be available. 

​Various parts of the world are still experiencing outbreaks of the Zika virus which is spread to people by infected mosquitoes. There is no vaccine or medication at this time. Traveling to infected areas while pregnant is not recommended. Please contact us for alternative vacation choices. 

Using Common Sense

​​Travelers have to do their part, too! If the cruise line says, “no candles” or “no irons” ...they have a reason—candles and irons are a fire hazard, so please leave them home. And, please don’t throw cigarettes overboard because the wind often sweeps them right back onto the ship.

While the point of a vacation is to relax, it doesn’t mean that you can abandon common sense.

  • If you find yourself in an area or situation that just “doesn’t seem right”, trust your gut and get out of there.
  • Don’t wear expensive jewelry, flash a lot of cash, or leave expensive cameras on the beach when you go snorkeling.
  • Don’t lean over the side or sit on the railing (on a ship or at a resort) for any reason...not to take a photo, not to get sick...not to catch your hat...nothing.
  • Drink responsibly. 

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Please visit the CDC website for more information and the latest infected areas. 

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